Me Myself & I

Let me tell you a little bit about my self. Well I am quite, kinda of a cool person, at some 
point i am idependent and at another point i am working with others in one small group. I am a student who goes to school 
at L.G. Pinkston the almightly Vikings. Pinkston is home to me and the beloved individuals that go there, the teachers, the 
instructors, the principlas, those people are my family.

My Intersets

My number one interset is Soccer, Soccer is my life too me, infact i play for this club named
vickery united, if u want to check it out search up "" this is my other family. My second one
is Basketball, i play sometimes with my friends on the weekends. My third interset is Choir, i sing in a choir at church and 
i play the keyboard also the bass in that choir. There are so many other things that i do and if u want to know them contact 
me on my number (510)340-5931.